Surf Life Saving Central Coast Newcastle Permanent Junior Lifesaver of the Year award is an ideal opportunity for Clubs to recognise their under 14 year old member’s achievements in Surf Life Saving and the contributions they have made to Surf Life Saving at all levels and in the community. All under 14 members who believe they could be the next Junior Lifesaver of the Year should apply through their club. The male and female Branch winners will then progress to the SLSNSW Junior Lifesaver of the Year Development Camp.

The Nomination Process

Clubs are invited to submit one female and one male nominee for the Junior Lifesaver of the Year award. Nominations must be completed with questionnaire and medical information attached. (Resumes will not be considered by the judges, and should not be included with the nomination forms). All nominations are to be endorsed by clubs and returned to Surf Life Saving Central Coast.

The Interview Process

The interview process is divided up into a number of components – a theory test, signals, a scenario and a panel interview which will be conducted by independent SLSCC assessors/personnel and Newcastle Permanent Building Society staff. The Newcastle Permanent Junior Lifesaver of the Year winners will be announced at the SLSCC Junior Branch Championships.

The criteria for selection will be based on the nominee’s achievements in the following areas:

• Contribution to Surf Life Saving

• Demonstration of leadership roles in club activities

• Contribution made to the club

• Awards received in Surf Life Saving and the community

• Involvement in community events outside of Surf Life Saving

• Awareness of club events and current affairs

• Initiative applied to club and community activities

• Promotion of Surf Life Saving to the community

• Attendance record at club activities

• Encouragement of new members

• Demonstration of surf lifesaving knowledge and skills

** Please note: all nominees must have completed their SRC and be proficient to be eligible for the Junior Lifesaver of the Year award.