What a great way to kick the 2019/20 Leadership Program off than at North EWntrance Beach with our young leaders stepping up and patrolling North Entrance Beach for the day. This program aims to basic training in leadership and development, create awareness of current issues, pathways and opportunities, encourage participation in various challenging activities which aim to develop their leadership qualities all in a fun and friendly environment.

throughout the day the participants were greeted by three guest speakers each volunteering their time to give them insight into the various pathways they have taken through Surf Life Saving.

Col Laing ( North Entrance and Branch Life Member ) volunteered his time to introduce the participants to the beach and teach them some key lifesaving techniques they use at Noth Entrance and deliver a brief history lesson on the formation of North Entrance SLSC. 

Bob Powell (Umina and Branch Life Member ) and Ramzy Fawzy (Wamberal and Branch Life Member ) visited the patrol and conducted their famous patrol assessment on the young leaders. Both Bob and Ramzy were very pleased with the knowledge and skills the participants have built and are learning, giving the patrol a very promising score.

Our next speaker was Nathan Horsewell (North Entrance President) who conducted a workshop with the young leaders on how to build pathways in a surf club. Nathan was so pleased with the passion and enthusiasm these young leaders have towards building pathways for themselves and their own clubs. 

Thank you to the wonderful facilitation team who made this day possible. without your motivation and dedication to these programs we are not able to run so smoothly.

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