Surf Life Saving Central Coast (SLSCC) is responsible for the overall management, promotion and growth of Surf Lifesaving on the Central Coast. With fifteen (15) clubs, eight thousand two hundred and forty eight (8,248) members and seventy-seven (77) years of tradition and achievements. SLSCC enjoys its position as one of Australia’s most successful, dynamic and celebrated Branches. Recognised as the SLSNSW ‘Branch of the Year’ for six of the past ten years!

To keep Central Coast beaches safe, Surf Lifesavers patrol beaches from September to April each year, spending ninety seven (97,000) volunteer hours patrolling the fifteen (15) accessible beaches from The Lakes in the North to Umina in the South. This year, our members performed one thousand six hundred and twenty nine (1,629) rescues with twenty two thousand, four hundred and sixteen (22,416) preventative actions. Since 1938, SLSCC has rescued over fifty thousand (50,000) lives.

It is thanks to the tireless efforts and dedication of the army of red and yellow volunteers that Central Coast beaches are amongst the safest in the world.

Our Mission

To save lives, create great Australians and build better communities on the Central Coast.

Our History

The origins of Surf Life Saving can be traced back to the actions of Mr William Gocher at Manly Beach in September 1902, defying the law of the time by bathing during prohibited hours (daylight). His and similar actions by other people forced the recognition of daylight bathing and the pastime of surfing became part of our national culture.

As surf bathing grew in popularity, its dangers just as rapidly became apparent. Small groups of experienced and regular surfers began to form themselves into lifesaving bodies to assist those who required to be rescued from an unfamiliar environment.

As these clubs grew in size and numbers, the need for a united front to raise funds and seek assistance from local and state government resulted in the New South Wales Surf Bathing Association being formed on 18 October 1907.

The Surf Life Saving Central Coast Branch was formed in October 1938 at a meeting with the 5 original Central Coast surf clubs: The Entrance, Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Killcare and Ocean Beach.

At that time, Surf Life Saving was growing at a rapid rate and the administration requirements were becoming a burden on the head State Centre.

The leaders from the five founding clubs also recognised the need with the growing population on the Central Coast and increased demands at the beaches.

After the establishment of the Branch there was a temporary holt in the further advancement of Surf Life Saving during the years of World War II before renewed growth slowly accelerated and the other fifteen (15) affiliated clubs on the Central Coast were formed finishing with North Entrance SLSC in 1977.

Since this time Surf Life Saving has been embraced by the Central Coast community and gone from strength to strength with our operations.

On record we have saved 33,889 Lives since 1977, but it is fair to say that over 50,000 people in danger have been rescued by our courageous and dedicated red and yellow army of volunteers on the Central Coast.

SLSCC is recognised Australia-wide for our innovative culture as throughout our history we have been a leader of the Surf Life Saving movement.

Some supporting examples of this can be seen in the major achievements by SLSCC, such as:

  • Formation of the first Rescue helicopter service which operated on the Central Coast by our volunteers between 1977 and 1982.
  • Throughout the 70’s and 80’s we had one of the leading Power Surf Rescue Divisions in the Country with Jet Boats located at The Entrance, Terrigal and Broken Bay.
  • Soldiers Beach SLSC are recognised Australia wide as one of the pioneers of the IRB
  • SLSCC was instrumental in setting up the nippers movement
  • We were one of the first branches to introduce RWC’s and continue to have one of the strongest services in Australia
  • In 1977/78 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Terrigal for the Royal Carnival
  • In 1995 we were the first Branch to introduce the Rookie Lifesaver Program, still going strong today
  • In 1999 the Community Education program was introduced which is one of the most successful of its kind in Australia
  • Gosford City Council was the only Council with a Water Safety Rate Levy – Introduced in 1998 thanks to the innovation and lobbying of our members
  • We have a strong culture of overseas touring teams – In the 1970’s and 1980’s, SLSCC toured the United States, Canada, Hawaii, and New Zealand on various tours. Something unheard of to other branches at the time. To this day SLSCC sends a Representative team to NZ on a regular basis.

SLSCC continues to grow from strength to strength and we continue to be one of the leading Branches having won the SLSNSW Branch of the Year Award six (6) times in the past ten (10) years.


Key Achievements

SLSCC Past 30 Years Key Achievements

1973/74 Broken Bay Jet Boat formed
1977/78 Formation of North Entrance SLSC
Bank of NSW Westpac Helicopter Commenced
CC Branch Team Tours USA
Wamberal SLSC Opens new Clubhouse
Power Surf Rescue Jet Boats now based at The Entrance, Terrigal and Broken Bay
1978/79 Saturday Patrols introduced
1979/80 Patrol Uniforms introduced
Female Lifesavers introduced to the Association
1981/82 Nippers and Nipperettes amalgamate to form the new Junior Association
1985/86 NSW EGG Corporation commences as major sponsor of the Branch
1987/88 Prince Charles and Princess Dianna visit Terrigal for Royal Carnival
1988/89 Branch Team tours USA and Canada
50 years Celebrations held at Central Coast Leagues Club
1992/93 Broken Bay Jet Boat Service finishes
Australian IRB Championships held at Avoca Beach SLSC
1994/95 Introduction of Westfield Rookie Lifesaver Program
1995/96 Introduction of Surf Boat Series
1997/98 Gosford City Council introduces the Water Safety Rate Levy to raise fund to build new Club houses
1998/99 Branch wins first Tri Series Carnival
2000/01 Introduction of School Education Program
2000/02 Terrigal Opens new Club house
2002/03 Opening of Toowoon Bay SLSC
2004/05 Stuart Harvey receives highest award for bravery “the Silver Medallion” for a rescue at Spoon Bay SLSC
2005/06 Introduction of Jets Ski Service
Branch moves into new headquarters at Tuggerah
2006/07 SLS celebrates the year of the Surf Life Saver
2007/08 Umina, Copacabana and Ocean Beach new clubhouses open
2008/09 Wamberal and Killcare new club houses opened
2011/12 Opening of new Club Houses at Soldiers Beach and Shelly Beach
2013/14 SLSCC celebrates 75th Anniversary with Gala Ball
2016/17 Introduction of new UAV Drone Rescue Service

Thankyou to all our supporters and 15 surf clubs