We all know them – members who care, give up their time and want to make a difference in the organisation. The Surf Life Saving Central Coast Awards of Excellence celebrate the incredible people in our organisation and the impact they have on their club, members and their local communities.

We recognise members achievements in the following areas of club life.

  • Lifesaving
  • Surf Sports
  • Members Services
  • Education
  • Administration

The evening celebrates the accomplishments of members and clubs from the season and provides an excellent opportunity for members of the 15 surf clubs to celebrate as one.

Nominations close Sunday 28th April 2024

Event Details

  • Date: 15th of June 2024
  • Location: Mingara Recreation Club
  • Time: TBC




All nominations can be done through the one jotform link:

Club Wish List

The club wish list is an opportunity for clubs to select potential gifts which they would like to receive if they are successful at winning a prize at the Central Coast Awards of Excellence.

To complete the form,

  • Click on the form – 2024 Club-Wish-List
  • Fill in the form and save it to your computer
  • Send the completed form to the SLSCC Branch office by Sunday 28th of April 2024. via email to office@slscc.com.au

Volunteer/ Program Awards

Clubs are encouraged to submit one nomination per category. This season the nomination process has been streamlined into one submission link (above).

  • Surf Lifesaver of the Year**
  • Youth Surf Lifesaver of the Year**
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Official of the Year
  • Trainer of the Year
  • Assessor of the Year
  • Community Education Program of the Year
  • Innovation Award

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Patrol Captain of the Year
  • Support Operations Member of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Facilitator of the Year

Sports Awards Categories

  • Athlete of the Year
  • Youth Athlete of the Year
  • Masters Athlete of the Year
  • Surf Sports Team of the Year

Nomination Pointers

**Additional nomination requirements – Surf Lifesaver and Youth Surf Lifesaver

For Surf Lifesaver and Youth Surf Lifesaver of the Year awards, nominations require patrol hours to be uploaded for the 2021/22, 2022/23, and 2023/24 season (extracted from Surfguard).

Nomination Pointers – Individual Volunteer Awards

When showcasing members’ achievements, you may want to consider the questions below to boost the quality of your nomination…

  • What relevant positions, roles, or responsibilities do they hold?
  • Have they done something in response to an identified need or problem?
  • Have they done something new or different to achieve results?
  • Have they inspired others to think or to do things differently?
  • Have they had to overcome any challenges to make a difference or achieve success?
  • Do they model positive and supportive attitudes, behaviours and actions?

Nomination Pointers – Program/ Innovation Volunteer Awards

When showcasing the achievements of programs or innovations, you may want to consider the questions below to boost the quality of your nomination…

  • What was the motivation or research which drove the program/innovation?
  • What were the aims and objectives?
  • What did it look like (location, duration, resources required etc.)?
  • How was it evaluated to ensure it achieved its aims and objectives?
  • Were there any challenges which needed to be overcome to achieve success?
  • You may wish to attach photographs, include links to any promotional material created or media coverage received.

Nomination Pointers – Training & Education

  • How long has the member been a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator?
  • What qualities does the Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator bring to Education?
  • What has the Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator achieved?
  • How has the Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator assisted your club?
  • What courses has they Trained, Assessed, or Facilitated?
  • Outline any challenges that they have overcome as Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator?

Nomination Pointers – Official Award

When showcasing the Official of the Year nominations, you may want to consider the questions below to boost the quality of your nomination.

  • How long has the member been officiating and what level of accreditation do they hold
  • What events has the Official officiated at over the past 12 months, what roles did they under-take during that period
  • What qualities does the Official bring to surf sports events to facilitate competition?
  • How does the Official believe we can encourage club members to become and stay accredited officials?
  • Is the Official satisfied with the training programs used for new and developing officials? How can they be improved?

Input into Competition

  • Give examples of the Officials interaction with Branch and/or State Referees
  • How has the Official been involved in the training of new Officials – provide examples of your role
  • How has the Official Mentored members to assist them in gaining their awards, provide examples of your role
  • How has the Official been involved in Assessing candidates during the past year, provide examples of the Officials role

Nomination Pointers – Coach Award

When showcasing the Coach of the Year nominations, you may want to consider the questions below to boost the quality of your nomination…

Club, Branch, State and National coaching positions.

  • Results achieved due to the coach’s influence for athletes coached for 90% of the season.
  • The capability of athletes and the coach’s contribution to their development, both in and outside of surf sports. Personal development undertaken to improve coaching performance e.g. participated in courses, conferences etc. How the nominee has contributed to Coach Education e.g. presented at clinics, conferences, courses
  • Additional coaching information regarding the nominee.

Example Nomination

Volunteer/ Program Award Nomination

Question 1
Tell us about the member/individual or program/innovation being nominated? (400 word limit)

John has been a passionate and committed volunteer to ABC SLSC for 12 years. In his contribution to our club and wider community, he embodies and champions the Surf Life Saving NSW mission ‘to save lives, create great Australians and build better communities’. Since joining the club in 2009 season John has been an active patrolling member and has gone on to hold several positions within the club:

  • Sponsorship Coordinator 2020 – current
  • ABC Carnival Organiser Season 2021 – 2022
  • Junior Activities Coordinator admin 2019 – current
  • Junior Activities Coordinator (JAC) 2014 – 2018
  • Director of Surf Sports 2018 – 2020
  • Nipper Team Manager
  • Aussie Titles Team Manager 2018 – 2020
  • Social Media Manager
  • Director of Club Social and Events Fundraising 2012 – current
  • Beach Announcer 2018 – Current
  • In school beach safety education
  • Nipper Beach Coach
  • Nipper Assistant Coach
  • Pool Rescue Team Manager and Coach
  • Water Safety
  • NSW State Titles Work Party
  • Public Relations Officer

John has officialed across many different carnivals ranging from local, Nipper, Masters and Open carnivals as well as State Surf and Pool Championships. John has gained his Level 1 official status.

Question 2
What has been achieved? (400 word limit)

John is currently the Sponsorship lead and has gained important financial community support.

John has had a successful campaign seeking sponsorship support from our community to replace our outdated carnival tents. Through John’s social media push and outreach efforts he was able to gain significant interest from the wider peninsula community. Initially John was hoping the replace 6 tents at $1000 per tents seeking partnerships from new sponsors. John was able exceed his initial target and secured the funding for 12 new tents all from new sponsors to ABC SLSC.  John was then able to manage key stakeholder contacts who had shown interest in the EOI and was able to pivot and gain more vital funding for our club by forming further partnerships for signage on our beach as well as a major sponsor for our State Touring teams to the value of an additional $10000.  Lastly John most impressive achievement this season in his role as sponsorship coordinator was to sign a 3 year contract with a major naming rights sponsors for our soon to launched Surf Sports Program. This will elevate ABC SLSC surf sports program to the next level giving us 3 year of financial security for our Nippers, Opens and Masters to develop and build our lifesavers to be the best athletes they can be. This new partnership will also provide enough funds to purchase a new Lifesaving / Patrol ATV for our club as well as a unified training outfit and signage on our sports craft. This 3 year agreement is to the amount of $95,000. John’s sponsorship and fundraising efforts have yielded over $120,000 this season. A byproduct of all the canvassing increased our social media footprint and formed many new authentic relationships in our community that will be of benefit for business and our surf club.

We’ve already seen our new tents be lent to many varying community organisations providing shade firstly but also a wider outreach where our club hasn’t been prior. This has then open up a dialogue about our club, beach safety/education, what we do and why we do it.

Question 3
What impact has this had, and for whom? (400 word limit)

A change in mindset is what John has brought to the club. Constantly asking questions of what could’ve we done better? Who else can we involve? What would our members like to see/do? Are we having fun??

This mindset of pushing the status quo has had a huge impact and one of the main reason we have earned the title of NSW Club of the Year 2 years in a row. John has changed previous ways of the club functioning for instance he has championed cashless fundraising. Our Santa photo fundraiser and raffles have utilized our eftpos machines and online payment portal. John was also the catalyst in procuring our clubs Tap’n’Go donation point which is situated in our Cafe and Bar on weekends.

John has also been prominent on our SLSNSW media. Having hosted the COVID edition AOE and anchoring the State Titles live streams he has been able to bring production into the now. John’s engaging presence, knowledge of all athletes across NSW, technical surf and beach competition background and ability to adapt to any situation have been a huge asset to our organisation. Whether its interviews with winning athletes, discussing strategic visions with SLS Exec or even just filling time when there is technical difficulties on a annual awards night, John keeps an audience captured and engaged giving SLS a professional ally who is one of the them, a lifesaver at heart. Surf Life Saving is predicated on history and traditions from many a year ago, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and fresh. John assists SLS Media team with social media content, photo’s, videos and ideas of how we communicate with all our members. John has produced Youtube content over the COVID period on “”how to look great on a video call””. John featured in the SLSA new media campaign and oversaw the NutriGrain Athletes messaged of support to the NSW Nippers prior to the State Titles.

This years and SLSNSW’s request, the Interbranch Carnival was handed over to John to beach announce and DJ to bring the fun back to a State level, much like the Super Surf Team Series hosted at ABC,

John has received great feedback from athletes, coaches, parents and the viewing public (both in written and verbal forms). John also debuted on a national level this year covering 7 days of action at this years Aussie Titles.

John is another great example of the different pathways that Surf Lifesaving has to offer…. you don’t have to be fasted or the fittest, but being the funniest sure does help. “

Sports Awards

Question 1
How have they achieved sporting excellence?

  • What were their results at major competitions (e.g. state, national, international)?
  • For athlete awards, have they been part of a representative team and if so, how did they contribute to the success of that team?

Lilly is a long-standing champion. She is by far our most gifted and talented athlete. This year her success and dominance in the sprint race was confirmed with her winning the U17 sprint in a convincing win. She backed that up with a bronze in flags. These results were achieved despite being bottom age in U17s

SLSCC Branch Championships

  • 1st U17 Female sprint
  • 1st U17 Female Beach relay
  • 2nd U17 Female flags

NSW Championships

  • 1st U17 Female flags
  • 3rd U17 Female sprint (from bottom age)

Australian SLS Championships – 1 gold and 1 bronze

  • 1st U17 Female sprint
  • 3rd U17 Female flags
  • 5th U17 Female Beach relay

Question 2
How are they a positive role model, a good sportsman and/or an ambassador for Surf Life Saving?

  1. How do they contribute to broader lifesaving activities and engage with other members (including juniors)?

This year Lilly has taken on a new role at ABC SLSC as Junior Beach Coach. Lilly has done a fantastic job and for many weeks and afternoon session she ran sprint and flags training sessions at the beach leading up to branch and state championships. We have had fantastic feedback about her coaching and the nippers have said how lucky they are to be coached by a national champion. Lilly is also gracious in her success and has also been a wonderful support and role model to her fellow competitor Erin Hamilton. With Emeyln’s support, Erin also achieved outstanding results at state and Aussies (coming 6th in flags and 8th in sprint). Lilly was also selected as a member of the SLSCC Interbranch team. She also holds a Donnica Clarke Scholarship for her outstanding achievements in SLS.