Member Services Structure/Overview

The Member Services portfolio is led by the Surf Life Saving Central Coast Director of Member Services and supported by the Board of Member Services along with the Branch Support Officer.

Core Components of Member Services and Youth

  • Membership (recruitment, retention, member welfare and statistical trends)
  • Member Development (junior surf lifesaving, leadership development)
  • Member Recognition (internal and external awards)
  • Organisational Development (structure, governance and compliance)

 Membership Categories

Surf Life Saving has a number of membership categories catering to a variety of people, skills and experiences. Listed below are the primary membership categories available to members. For more information and specific details on all membership categories please refer to the SLSA Regulations.

  • Junior Activities Membership
  • Cadet Membership
  • Active Membership
  • Long Service Membership
  • Award Membership
  • Life Membership

It is important to note that competition age groups differ from the membership categories. Competition age groups are referenced in Section 2.3 of the SLSA Surf Sports Manual.

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Surf Life Saving Central Coast is committed to the safety and wellbeing of every child and young person who takes part in our activities, programs, events or services. We will challenge inappropriate behaviour of our members or members of the community regardless of cultural ethnicity, language, religion or disability. All members should be able to safely and fairly participate in Surf Life Saving.

Through listening to our children and young people and any concerns they raise with us, we commit to creating a positive, safe and nurturing environment where children and young people feel safe at all times.

We are committed to providing education and/or information to our members on child protection and safety. In addition to communicating procedures for raising concerns or complaints. Surf Life Saving Central Coast will report any suspicion or concern to the mistreatment, or potential mistreatment of a child or young person. All allegations of child abuse will be dealt with promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. A person will not be victimised for reporting an allegation of child abuse and the privacy concerns will be respected.

Safeguarding Children and Young People is everyone’s business.

Surf Life Saving Central Coast aligns with the Surf Life Saving Australia Commitment to Safeguarding. More information and safeguarding resources can be located at