The Central Coast Rookie Lifesavers Challenge 2021 showcases the Central Coast rookies skills at Terrigal Beach on 16th January competing in the Rookie Lifesaver Challenge.

All events conducted were team orientated and designed around lifesaving scenarios that the Rookies could be expected to face whilst on surf patrol. Rookies also participated in theory tests and on their flag signals used on patrolling duties. 

The event is designed to test young U14 and U13 Rookie Lifesavers in vital lifesaving techniques, knowledge and skills against their peers from other surf clubs whilst also rewarding the young lifesavers for their commitments towards their surf clubs.

Terrigal proved their grass root lifesaving program is going strong claiming the overall point score.

The Rookie Lifesaver Challenge is one of the most enjoyable events of the season but also a very important event as it helps local surf clubs develop and retain their young lifesavers as well as build team spirit that is so important for surf life saving patrols.

Rookies are currently patrolling our beaches and, over the years, they have been involved in many large rescues and the saving of lives. The skills on display were exceptional and it was great to see all involved having so much fun.

The Rookie Challenge is a great event for Central Coast young lifesavers and will go a long way to ensuring the future of the organisation and retention of junior members.

Thank you to Terrigal Surf Club for hosting this great event and thank you to the work party, officials and water safety who ensure the day runs smoothly.

Terrigal – 2021 Rookie Challenge Winners

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