A dedicated team of lifesavers from Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast have been recognised for their actions on an otherwise quiet day – rushing to assist a large group of people caught in a dangerous situation some way from the clubhouse. The team of Glenn Bowles, Peter O’Malley, Paul Quick, Toni Jones, Deb Barnes, Chayse Coleman, Jill Heaton, Nigel Heaton, Ric Morrey and Adam Brierley were at the surf club on 2 April as only a precaution with beaches up and down the coastline closed due to flooding, heavy swell and debris in the water. That wouldn’t stop a group of around 20 people, however, from heading to the beach, with five observed as being in the ocean at different times. At around 1.45pm, it was observed that four of these people were now caught in the water, struggling against the dumping waves and a rip current which had developed and was extending some 100m out to sea.

The Patrol team would use rescue tubes and an IRB to best perform the mass rescue in the conditions, with persons rescued at varying levels of health. Multiple oxy bags, a first aid kit and defibrillator were transported down the beach to the rescue area to perform the first aid requirements. Communication was of the utmost importance, with a language barrier observed, and the excellent actions of the team ensured a potentially devastating incident turned into only a lesson. The rescue has been awarded the Surf Life Saving NSW Rescue of the Month for April

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