Central Coast Surf Life Savers hosted the State Operation Centre (SOC) over the weekend to brief them on the Central Coast Coastline. The State Operation Centre (SOC) provides critical communications to your 15 clubs to coordinate and assist our local Surf Lifesavers in all our patrolling activities.

The aim of the day was to familiarise the SOC team with the Central Coast coastline and for our Lifesavers to meet the SOC team. Throughout the day the teams toured the Central Coast visiting our 15 surf clubs and notorious black spots. At each stop Central Coast Duty Officers explain the inherit dangers associated with each location giving the SOC team a better understanding of the environments our surf lifesavers operate in during emergency responses.

Central Coast Duty Officer Mr Glenn Clarke says “the day was a great opportunity for both the Central Coast Duty Officers and SOC team to familiarise themselves with each other and understand the difficulties each team has with describing the situations.”

Surf Life Saving Central Coast is looking forward to being back on the beaches this summer, protecting our beaches. Remember if we can’t see you, we can’t save you

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