In the April holidays outstanding members who are 15-17 years of age were invited to join SLSNSW for this annual program.

This year SLSCC was represented by:

  • Lily Perry (Umina Beach)
  • Grace Talty (Umina Beach)
  • Liam Drake (Ocean Beach)
  • Skye O’Mara (Avoca Beach)

In addition Matt Calbert (Ocean Beach) and Maddison McLeod (Umina Beach) were part of the program as Facilitators.

YOM is aimed at members who’s Clubs and Branches believe they have qualities that can be developed to enhance the future of the Club and Branch.

Aims of the workshop include:

  • To create situations that promote fun learning experiences
  • To create an awareness of current issues, pathways and opportunities
  • To promote teamwork, communication skills and goal setting
  • To develop confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment whilst positively recognising members
  • Provide opportunities for ideas to be exchanged.

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