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SLSCC deliver traditional surf sports carnivals catering for nippers, opens and masters competitors with thanks to our local surf clubs who host these events. The Branch Championships are the premier events on the annual SLSCC surf sports calendar which are held over several days of competition.

SLSCC also deliver a range of special events including the Streets Boats Series, Newcastle Permanent Junior Iron Person Series and Board and Ski Series. Information on each of these series can be found on their specific webpages.

To enter a carnival please contact your surf clubs Director of Surf Sports.

2017/18 Traditional Carnivals Dates  (Note Venue Locations will be available soon)

Carnival Date Selected Venue
NP Junior Carnivals Sunday 05 Nov 2017  TBA
Sunday 03 Dec 2017  TBA
Sunday 14 Jan 2018  TBA
U12 – Open Beach Only Saturday 28 Oct 2017  TBA
Masters Carnivals Saturday 28 Oct 2017  TBA
Saturday 11 Nov 2017  TBA
Saturday 13 Jan 2018  TBA
Terrigal Twighlight Carnival Tuesday 26 Dec 2018  Terrigal
Branch Championships
Patrol Competition Saturday 17 Feb 2018 May move to Oct
Junior Sunday 04 Feb 2018  TBA
Masters Saturday 10 Feb 2018  TBA
Open with Boats Sunday 11 Feb 2018  TBA
First Aid Saturday 03 Feb 2018  TBA
Champion Lifesaver Sunday 18 Feb 2018  TBA
Board Riding Saturday 21 Apr 2018  TBA